Salty's LightHouse Wiki
  • Affiliation: Zero Fleet
  • Number: 1
  • Type: Harbor Tug

"I told you you couldn't tow that thing alone!"

Zorran, Mixed Signals

Zorran is regarded as the cunning leader of the Zero Fleet and is the number one tug of the fleet. He is renowned for his deviousness and scheming prowess. Similar to Otis, Big Stack, Warrior and his Zero companions Zak and Zeebee, he is a harbor tug.


Although he is a steam tug, Zorran's deep, aggressive whistle sounds more like air-horns fitted to modern diesel ships. He has major roles in episodes, and a majority of stories focuses on him as a leading scheming villain in some way. Although he is undoubtedly the most intelligent Zero tug, his plans usually end up backfiring: through the incompetence of the other Zeros or his own overconfidence. Zorran has shown to regularly employ fellow Zero Switchers Zip and Zug to carry out his operations, which more often than not results in adverse consequences.

Behind the scenes[]

He is also shown to be able to raise his hat a little giving an added bit of movement. This was a modelling error, but the producers liked it so much that it was not fixed.

In Salty's Lighthouse, he and Zug were both voiced by Scott McNeil. He was voiced by Chris Tulloch in TUGS, who designed the tugs himself, including Ten Cents. Tulloch gives Zorran a neutral Cockney-English accent. He's one of the few characters whose voice actor can be definitively identified. His original TUGS actor was credited as director and art director.

Zorran was built by former Thomas modelmaker Jeremy King.

Like the rest of the Zero tugs, Zorran is based off the Moran Fleet of New York City.

Voice Actors[]

  • Scott McNeil (Salty's Lighthouse)
  • Chris Tulloch (TUGS)
  • Hazime Ozeki (TUGS Japanese Dubbing)


  • His model was sold to The Star Tugs Trust, although, it only came with his scowling/scared face mask.
  • Zorran's gap in his front teeth is the result of a dental disorder called Diastema. 
  • In the episode Backwards Day Zip and Zug apparently paint Zorran's name backwards as "Narroz", the clip used in this shot was a mirrored image from Trapped.
  • Throughout the show Zorran is protrayed as a Protagonist and an Antagonist.