Salty looses his crayons after leaving the spot he left when he got everyone juice them and blames everyone else for moving them when they claim they didn't. When Salty watches the Tugs Ten Cents looses his barge that was delivered to Delta-Dynamo and blames Zip and Zug becuase they were jealous of him taking that barge, but he finds out that his guess was wrong and being sure and thinking your sure are two difrent things, and after that Grampus looks around the harbour and finds out that he didn't tie the barge tight enough and it floated away. And after looking hard enough Saly finds the crayons in the fridge and soon forgives the others


TUGS Episodes Used


  • This is based off an event from the TUGS episode "Pirate".
  • At the beginning and end of the TUGS segment Ten Cents sings a Parody of "Yankee Doodle Came to Town."


  • At the beginning of the TUGS segment, Ten Cents arrives at Dredger Detail with Scuttlebutt Pete, but in the next scene he's towing the engine parts.
  • The sky keeps changing scenery throughout the TUGS segment.
  • In the Beginning of the TUGS segment, Top Hat keeps reappearing and floating away as Ten Cents is talking to Zip and Zug.
  • When Grampus tells Ten Cents he'll search for the barge, there is no scenery behind him.
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