"When things are frozen in a lump, sometimes they need a little bump!"

-Warrior, Strike Up The Band

  • Affiliation: Star Fleet
  • Number: 5
  • Type: Harbor Tug"

Warrior is Captain Star's fifth tug, who is used for a wide variety of tasks around Snugboat Harbor. Warrior usually works with his close companion, Big Stack. He often is clumsy but tries not to mess up.


His capabilities range from the towing of barges (mainly that of Lord Stinker), to major liner docking operations. Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Warrior is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920's, his name obviously means he is pure of courage, bravery and knows how to put up a fight, which is quite ironically nothing at all like Warrior!

Despite Warrior's shortcomings, he has proved himself to be a valuable member of the Star Fleet with notable examples being when he helped put out the fires, saved Izzy Gomez and stopped the logs that were flowing from up the river. Captain Star has referred to him as a striker.


  • His model was sold to The Star Tugs Trust.
  • In the episode Lets Wing It he has his nameplate censored.

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