"Never Fear, Top Hat and Lord Stinker are here!"

Top Hat -High Spirits

Top Hat
Top Hat
  • Affiliation: Star Fleet
  • Number: 4
  • Type: Railway Tug

Top Hat is Captain Star's fourth tug, a 'railway tug', an uppity and snobbish character with a monocle and top hat. He who looks down on everyone, both his friends and his foes, believing that he is the best tug in the Star Fleet.

Although he tries to avoid any job that will make his paint dirty, he is used for a wide variety of tasks around Snugboat Harbor, mainly distributing railway rolling stock with his barges Frank and Eddie. Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Top Hat is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920's, although he also resembles John-A.-Dialogue-&-Sons-built New York Central Tugboat 13, which is also a railway tug, and his Personality is based on Kenneth Williams. His name derives from his trademark hat. Despite his problem with dirty jobs he is often used to tow Lord Stinker the garbage barge. He also sometimes complains about the garbage itself, and often teases Warrior for his garbage smell.

Top Hat's most distinguishing feature is his elevated wheelhouse - it's this feature that distinguishes him as a railway-tug, as real tugs built to haul railroad rolling stock on barges had equally high wheelhouses to allow their pilots and crews to see over the top of their high loads. Unlike his real-world counterparts however, Top Hat can bob his wheelhouse up and down, giving his model an extra element of movement which was often used for dramatic or comedic purposes. Top Hat cares mainly about himself and saving his own neck. He may pretend to be cool and collected, but when he is actually faced with a threat or is placed in danger, he will panic and complain. He is often ridiculed by his companions, particularly Ten Cents and the Zero Fleet.


  • Several of Top Hat's face masks are currently in the possession of the Star Tugs Company (an organization that now owns many of the original TUGS models). The whereabouts of his model are currently unknown.


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