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Tugs (stylized as TUGS) is a British children's television series first broadcast in 1988. It was created by the producers of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton.[1] The series deals with the adventures of two anthropomorphized tugboat fleets, the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks, who compete against each other in the fictional Bigg City Port.

The series was set in the Roaring Twenties, and was produced by Tugs Ltd., for Television South (TVS) and Clearwater Features Ltd.[2] The music was composed byJunior Campbell and Mike O'Donnell,[1] who also wrote the music for Thomas & Friends.[3]

Due to the bankruptcy of Television South, the series did not continue production past 13 episodes. Following the initial airing of the series throughout 1989, television rights were sold to an unknown party, while all models and sets from the series sold to Britt Allcroft. Modified set props and tugboat models were used in Thomas & Friends from 1991 onwards, with footage from the original program being heavily dubbed and edited for use in the American children's Salty's Lighthouse (Series).

1 Sunshine Gloria Tors David Mitton 20 min (VHS) 15 min (TV)
2 Pirate

Tarquin Cardona

from a story by David Mitton

David Mitton 20 min (VHS) 15 min (TV)
3 Trapped Chris Tulloch Chris Tulloch 15 min
4 Jinxed David Mitton David Mitton 15 min
5 Quarantine Tarquin Cardona David Mitton 15 min
6 High Winds Chris Tulloch Chris Tulloch 15 min
7 Ghosts Robert D. Cardona

Robert D. Cardona

15 min
8 Up River David Mitton David Mitton 15 min
9 Warrior Chris Tulloch Chris Tulloch 15 min
10 High Tide David Mitton David Mitton 15 min
11 Munitions David Mitton David Mitton 20 min (VHS) 15 min (TV)
12 Regatta David Mitton David Mitton 20 min (VHS) 15 min (TV)
13 Bigg Freeze Roy Russell David Mitton 15 min

Voice cast[edit]

Patrick Allen as Captain Star/Narrator

Simon Nash as Ten Cents

Sean Barrett as Big Mac, Hercules, Zebedee, Captain Zero, Izzy Gomez, Sea Rogue, Fire Tug, and Blair

Timothy Bateson as O.J., Owner of the Municipal Garbage Corporation, Big Mickey, Lord Stinker, Little Ditcher, and Eddie

John Baddeley as Top Hat, Zip, Puffa, Shrimpers, Pirate Tug #2, and the Quarry Master

Mike O’Malley as Warrior, Bluenose, Frank, Mighty Mo, Sea Rogue’s Uncle, Scuttlebutt Pete, Jack the Grappler, the Princess Alice, Navy Ship, Old Rusty, Nantucket, Johnny Cuba, and Pirate Tug #1

Shaun Prendergast as Sunshine, Zak, and Philbert the Bell Buoy

Chris Tulloch as Zorran and Shrimpers

Nigel Anthony as Zug, Burke, and Davy Jones

Lee Cornes as Grampus, Billy Shoepack, Coast Guard, Boomer, and the Fuel Depot Manager

JoAnne Good as Lillie Lightship, Sally Seaplane, and Pearl

Sue Glover as S.S. Vienna