Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals is the first episode of Salty's Lighthouse.


When Claude goes to get supplies for a sand castle he and Salty were supposed to build, he sees Salty having fun with Ocho and not him. He thinks Salty doesn't want to play with him anymore so he sadly watches the TUGS.  Zug is pulling a rusty old tanker and Zorran buds in and by not sending clear signals they ram the tanker on the rocks and it blocked the river. Later, Billy Shoepack comes and helps out and the tugs bump into the tanker. Meanwhile, Zorran is at the other side of the tanker and he is suddenly being swept into a nearby rock. The tugs are now free, but Zorran is stuck at the rock. After Claude saw the tugs, he went to see Salty. He asked why Salty wasn't playing with him and Salty explained that he thought Claude wasn't ready. Claude soon learned that they need a good signal every time.

Home Media ReleaseEdit

  • Kidobi
  • Youtube (Official upload)


  • This episode is based on the TUGS episode Trapped.

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Goofs Edit

  • When Salty comes up the stairs, the buttons on his overalls vanish.


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