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Guilty Gull
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Guilty Gull is the 39th episode of Salty's Lighthouse.


The lighthouse gang is playing Jungle in the lighthouse and while Salty goes to get Beep the Seagull Twins Sadie and Sophie check out the new car Salty got for his Birthday. While Sadie gets more green paint Ocho is showing the clams this new trick with the paint. He goes a little overboard and gets paint on Salty's car. As Salty returns he sees Sophie next to the car and notices the paint on his car. He blames Sophie for getting the paint on his car and it sends her off crying. Seymour then begins to show Salty a segment with the tugs. During the segment, Sunshine and Top Hat see Zug in front of a tanker that's blocking the river. Sunshine thinks Zug blocked the river and Top Hat agrees, causing Zug to flip. Sunshine sets off to get help. Back in the lighthouse Ocho admits his mistake and tells Salty what he's done and cleans his car very quickly as it's washable. Salty is relieved tat the paints gone and tells Ocho he thought it was Sophie, causing her to grow more upset. Aroura suggests watching the tugs again to see what's going on. Sunshine meets up with Billy Shoepack and tells him the problem. Billy (as he calls himself the 'Master Blaster') agrees to help using his dynamite. The other tugs begin to discuss about how to move the tanker. Top Hat suggests using a Battering-Ram to destroy the tanker. Zug isn't sure but the tugs do it anyway. As Otis gave the word, Big Stack, Top Hat and Zug begin to race towards the tanker, but the plan failed. Sunshine and Billy arrive and Billy sets up the dynamite to destroy the tanker. Ten Cents arrives and before the tanker is blown, the tugs now know it was him who blocked the way. Ten Cents clears away and the tugs are set free. Later, Sunshine apologizes and Zug accepts and Sunshine promised to know the truth from now on. In the lighthouse, Salty apologizes to Sophie making her feel better and they became friends again.


TUGS Episodes Used[]


  • Billy Shoepack: Move aside Star Fleeter's. Hot stuff coming through!
  • Big Stack: Is he talking about himself or his dynamite?
  • Otis: Probably himself.


  • This episode's song (I'm Sorry) is also used in Hands Off!.


  • Not all of Big Stack's nameplate (as his name is really Big Mac) is censored in the scene of the tugs getting ready to ram the tanker. And Warrior And Hercules Is opposed to Appear In This episode But The TUGS Episode Trapped DID Not Features Hercules Warrior And Z.B in It because Of The David Mitton transition It unknown If They Are In the episode of What Happened To the character In The episode afterwards Maybe Warrior And Hercules And Z.B had An Error that Day afterwards It is unknown