• Affiliation: Navy (Before), Star Fleet
  • Type: Midget Submarine

Grampus is a midget submarine, once owned by the navy. He is a close friend of the Star Fleet and has helped them out on various situations. He once helped to prove Ten Cents' innocence for a case of stolen barges. In Let's Party, he saved Lillie Lightship from sinking by plugging the hole in her side with his front. Later, he was nearly blown up by Bluenose the naval tug having been branded as 'too old' for further service. He was thankfully swiftly rescued by the Star Fleet. On the same day, he was bought by Captain Star and joined the Star Fleet as their first Star submarine.

Grampus also has a tendency to blow water in the tug's faces, most prominently at Bluenose in Boss Man and at Top Hat in Dream On. Grampus docks near the famous Bridge Café, but due to the noise provided by the band, he often moves around the harbour, this is best shown in Who Took My Crayons?. Nothing is said that when Grampus was bought by Captain Star that he moved to the Star Dock to rest.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Grampus is probably based on a Plunger class submarine and is probably named after the USS Grampus (SS-4) which was one of those submarines.

A Grampus, also known as Risso's Dolphin, is also a type of blunt-nosed dolphin.

Spike Knight built Grampus based on old photos of a "Grampus" class submarine. The Grampus model used the same trolley mechanism utalized for moving the tugs, except his was able to lift up and down to surface.

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