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Blackout is the fith episode of Salty's Lighthouse


Fog is rolling in and the power goes out at the lighthouse. Big Stack discovers Ghost Ships in the harbor.


TUGS Episodes Used[]

Home Media Releases[]

  • Video Buddy VHS
  • 6 Episode VHS
  • Kiddobi
  • Youtube (Official Upload)


  • This episode is based off events from the TUGS episode "Ghosts".
  • In the original version of the Tugs segment. There was a scene were the pirate ship got stroke by lightning and a freakish face appeared in the sky. This scene was cut out in this episode. Possibly because that scene would scare little kids.


  • Big Stack's name is uncensored throughout most of they TUGS segment revealing his 'real' name 'Big Mac', except in most close-up shots.
  • The ghost ships are actually 'tugs'.
  • On the Video-Buddy VHS, Video Buddy says Salty said that the looked like pea soup outside, but Ocho actually said that.
  • Hercules arrives at the star dock, but when Top Hat says, "Big Stack and the little tugs claim they saw ghost ships last night." , Hercules is seen coming to the star dock, but in the next scene he's next to Top Hat again.