Big Stack
  • Affiliation: Star Fleet
  • Number: 2
  • Type: Harbor Tug

Thats the spirt Izzy! Keep your mind busy till you can be busy!"

Big Stack, Just Wing It

Big Stack is Captain Star's second tug. He is used for a variety of tasks around Snugboat Harbor. Usually, because he is the second strongest, it means he is supporting heavy loads. Big Stack is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920's.

Bio Edit

Big Stack can come across as a rude and stubborn tug, but he has a heart of gold, despite his tendencies to be macho, gruff and tough at times. He is very much willing to set aside his own safety for the sake of others, and usually (but not always) remains level-headed when undergoing a strategy. Big Stack works mainly with Warrior.

Big Stack is the second strongest harbor tug of the fleet and despite his sometimes abrasive manners, he can be kind and gentle. He is always willing to help out someone in trouble, and uses his great strength to help whenever he can.


  • In TUGS, Big Stack's original name in the show was Big Mac. His name is not to be confused and has nothing to do with McDonald's famous cheeseburger (some believe the name change for Salty's Lighthouse was made to not interfere with a lawsuit from McDonald's).
  • On TUGS segments on the show, Big Stack's name is censored with a black censor bar to avoid his original model name sticker "Big Mac" from being shown. This is also the same case with Otis. However, in some shots, his original "Big Mac" name is still there.
  • His model was sold to The Star TUGS Trust.

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